Phase I Environmental Site Assessments/Transaction Screens

At Alliance, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports are prepared in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM Practice E 1527-13).

An Alliance Phase I is comprised of the following tasks: Information Review and Onsite Inspection and Reporting. Alliance also focuses our delivery to the client on the evaluation of potential environmental liability associated with the transaction.

Phase II Site Investigations

Environmental Alliance, Inc. provides Phase II ESAs to test soil, soil gas, and/or groundwater for possible contamination. When a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies a recognized environmental condition or the potential for contamination, most clients request to evaluate the potential contamination by performing Phase II environmental testing. At this stage in a project our goal is to establish the presence/absence of perceived contamination.

Site Monitoring and Sampling Programs

One of our key services includes the operation and maintenance of existing remedial and process systems. Alliance's experienced supervisors and field technicians have successfully maintained and operated the following types of remedial systems:

  • Air Sparging / Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • Bio Cells
  • Bio-Piles
  • Pump and Treat
  • Mobile Equipment (pilot testing, ozone injection)
  • Combinations of the above

Our staff will understand your system and make sure it performs at optimum efficiency, provide collection and analysis of environmental samples and prevent and correct mechanical failures. We offer all of this at a cost that is significantly lower than our competitors. Utilizing Alliance for your operation and maintenance will:

  • Lower your project costs
  • Assure accurate data collection
  • Lower your data processing costs
  • Provide a field service partner

Full Site Characterization

Whether you are remediating a hazardous waste site, an underground storage tank site or you are managing hazardous chemicals, Site Investigation and Characterization is the first step in determining how to reduce your overall expenditures. Alliance helps you to understand the type and extent of contamination, how it relates to the geology of the site, the risks associated with contamination and the feasibility of available cleanup technology.

Our Site Characterization/Investigation professionals are trained with a single mindset: collect the data that will allow for the most efficient and cost-effective route to site regulatory closure. Alliance understands that environmental site assessment is a means to the end of Site Remediation and Design. Our site assessment programs are tailored to each individual state’s programs. Alliance has professionals that are well-trained and well-equipped to perform all types of environmental site assessments and environmental investigations.

Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint Assessments

Alliance can address every aspect of asbestos-containing materials and lead-based paint assessment and management, from building surveys to the design of an abatement program, to ongoing abatement monitoring.