Brownfield Redevelopment

The acquisition, cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated property (Brownfields) have become a financially attractive alternative to purchasing previously undeveloped sites (Greenfields). The Brownfields programs, instituted by various government agencies over the last few years, have expedited the redevelopment process and can offer liability protection and financial incentives. Just as selecting the best site is an important first step, selecting the best project environmental consultant is likewise critical to success.

Brownfield Assessment and Investigation

Our experience allows for accurate and up-front estimates of project duration and costs, thus allowing environmental aspects to be factored into the overall redevelopment process. Our team will utilize our various in-house disciplines to provide due diligence services related to the assessment of a property to help you make an informed decision moving forward. Once areas of concern are identified, we transition over to the investigation phase of the Brownfield project, which includes the characterization and delineation of suspected contaminants in soil, soil vapor and groundwater into the remediation phase. We typically try to integrate remediation into the redevelopment plans to help minimize environmental costs and maintain project timelines.

Turnkey Remediation and Property Redevelopment

Alliance has been providing turnkey remediation services since our inception. One of our primary skill sets is the ability to quickly understand a site and design/install proven remedial solutions. Our practical, real world application of technology is the key to achieving cost and performance goals. When our team begins a remediation project, we focus our delivery on realizing the client’s goals for the site and tailoring the remediation strategy to exceed those expectations. Alliance has completed hundreds of assessment and remediation projects including very complex projects with narrow critical paths.

Regulatory Negotiation

Our knowledge of State and Federal regulatory programs will expedite the redevelopment process. For example, our Principal Hydrogeologist, Mr. Bill Smith, P.G., assisted with the original Brownfields Program legislation in Delaware, and he continues to consult on updates/amendments. In addition, our experience with past successful Brownfields projects provides a unique perspective on innovative redevelopment approaches that may not have been previously considered. This experience also allows Alliance to offer our clients a network of reliable professionals, which will guide your Brownfield project through the maze of public meetings, zoning boards and regulatory agencies.

Brownfield Grant/Loan Funding Assistance

We have helped public and private companies, property managers, developers, financial institutions, purchasers and municipalities turn their Brownfield properties into valuable assets. This assistance includes a wealth of knowledge in utilizing available Federal, State and local funding vehicles to offset the costs of the redevelopment project in the form of grants and low interest loan programs.