Risk and Liability Evaluation

Unfortunately, some sites have historical impact and financial liability associated with an environmental issue. Failing to consider the historical use of a site prior to the acquisition puts the purchaser at risk; this includes issues associated with contamination / health risks, financial liabilities, and restricted property uses. We provide clients with the advanced knowledge and sound planning required to limit liability and any unexpected costs associated with environmental issues.

Corporate Acquisition and Divestment Consultation

Alliance provides strategic advice to investors, developers, financers, and government bodies to provide guidance and help mitigate risk from contaminated land.

Alliance can also act on your behalf to provide review / assessment of peer reports and findings.

Litigation and Expert Witness Support

Alliance personnel have been involved in high profile environmental litigation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The legal community respects and relies on our professional staff.

Our senior management team provides expert testimony on a variety of State and Federal CERCLA and RCRA projects. Numerous law firms count on Alliance for technical support services. Our experience includes precise definition of environmental liabilities in real estate transactions, courtroom testimony in toxic tort cases and expert advice to counsel in matters of litigation. Our expertise in remediation as well as our understanding of liability assessment is very valuable in the resale of industrial facilities.

Data and Graphics Management

Environmental Alliance, Inc. is on the cutting edge of environmental data management. Field and analytical data that are collected during a project are imported into EQuIS, one of the most widely used environmental data management software systems in the world. This software effectively provides a common foundation for all Alliance staff, contractors, and laboratories involved in the data collection, processing, management, and evaluation aspects of environmental project work.  The use of this data management software translates into reduced data handling time, reduced errors in data reporting and reduced client costs.

In addition to the benefits of efficient data management, EQuIS provides a suite of integrated applications that promotes the easy export of data into a variety of useful formats and file types.  This allows the Alliance data management team to swiftly create tables, charts, and graphs, as well as files appropriate for modeling efforts and visualization. Project data can easily be mapped from the database using the ArcMap Geographic Information System (GIS) extension. This tool provides flexibility to display project analytics results of all kinds on a local site map or on a regional level. Map layers such as aerial photography, topography, hydrological features and boundaries can be incorporated to produce eye-catching, informative and accurate report maps.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Environmental Alliance, Inc. can assist with every aspect of your site’s compliance issues.

Alliance offers consulting for site compliance with:

  • RCRA, CERCLA, SARA permitting
  • NPDES permitting, sampling and reporting
  • SPCC permitting and compliance support
  • DPCC / DCR permitting and compliance support
  • Pre-construction permitting and State operating permits/certification
  • Form R reporting and general compliance
  • Clean Air Act (CAA) Title V and Synthetic Minor permitting support
  • Air quality Permitting
  • Site Plans and map digitalization
  • Compliance audits of industrial and commercial facilities